Saturday, 13 October 2012

International Leadership course in Curitiba, Paraná - Brazil

Venha participar de um módulo  
poderoso e transformador
Liderança Cóndor Blanco 

“Antes de liderar a outros e dirigir empresas, aprenda a ser o líder de você mesmo e de tua própria Vida...

Antes de liderar, capacitar e supervisionar a outros, aprenda primeiro os passos da Autoliderança.

O líder é o responsável da equipe e da transformação de um sonho ou meta em resultados concretos.

Líder é um motivador e treinador que apoia a equipe como um Promotor de Desenvolvimento Humano.”

Suryavan Solar

Assista o video da Escola de Liderança Condor Blanco no Youtube

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Feeling burned-out? No creativity and inspiration?

Tired of the same old thing? Feeling burned-out? No creativity and inspiration? Even at a personal level, things are not the way they were meant to be?
Then, I highly recommend reading “Fish! Tales” by Stephen C. Lundin, John Cristensen, Harry Paul and Phillip Strand.

I was hooked by the review as there was something related to leadership and teamwork:
The Fish! Philosophy  captures in a simple but powerful way what leaders today need to hear.”
~Larry Wilson, founder, Wilson Learning

The Fish! Philosophy consists of 4 principles:

#1 PLAY – Play is not just an activity; it’s a state of mind that brings new energy and sparks creativity.

#2 MAKE THEIR DAY – The world becomes a better place the moment you act on an intention to serve another.

#3 BE THERE – You can multi-task with “stuff”, but you need to “be there” for people.

#4 CHOOSE YOUR ATTITUDE – The attitude you have right now is the one you are choosing. Is it the one you want?

The reading made me think about my life. It turned out to be a revealing and powerful one. Great stories that lighten up days and make us reflect upon daily attitude – Everything is a matter of choice… 

Every single day I ask myself these questions as soon as the day starts:
  • What’s important for me?
  •  Who do I want to be today?
  •  Am I doing the right thing?
  • Am I happy? If not, am I making an effort to change the undesired situation?

I know it is overwhelming to ask yourself all these questions. 

You might not have the answers to them immediatelly. Changes take time! 

Be persistent.

“If you’re tired of starting over, 
stop giving up:


Friday, 14 October 2011

Vicky Lora's blog challenge proposal


You can listen to the same story in here: 

Hey Vicky Loras! I really felt the urge to participate in the blog challenge proposed by you. Thank you so much! Well, what’s my story? I am Luiz Reikdal on Facebook and @ELTtech on Twitter. I have been teaching in Brazil over 17 years. Never been abroad yet… but I will soon!

Since November last year I started using and testing technology myself. That was breathtaking… by just visualizing the potentiaIity of Web 2.0 in the classroom. Now I am quite familiar with tech and I am so happy to be part of this world! I can definitely say it has caused a huge change in my professional career as an educator, especially as an English Teacher.

This Passionate Learning Network, as a friend of mine says, has changed my personal life as well… Got to know passion-driven educators and folks that DO care about making a change. That was a real sparkle! Breathing, living education, feeling the burning desire to change the world. I know it all starts within yourself… Small changes that will make THE difference…LOL.

I owe a lot to Teacher Training Videos, the 3rd Reform Symposium e-Conference (#RSCON3), Condor Blanco and American TESOL Free Friday Webinars, just to name a few… But the real big challenge was when I decided to participate in a course called Leadership Condor Blanco here in Brazil… Wow, I was totally blown away with so much information and practice on how to develop my Personal Power, Professional Career and best of all through a Life Project. I could reflect as an integral human being considering all aspects of my life: Prosperity, Happiness, Culture and Freedom. That was a sort of shock, a benefitial one, of course. I stopped complaining about things in general, observing my behavoir and attitude towards everything, I decided to be responsible for my actions. I started having INITIATIVE.

I began inspiring people around me… Now I am having such a wonderful time at work: even though I face challenges in the workplace I feel proud of being a Teens Coordinator, I like solving problems and I like coaching my team. Nothing is perfect: some teachers do not like tech, others, are not that serious about teaching, some teach because of the money… But believe me, those things DO NOT have the power to demotivate or frustrate me any longer… I do not blame the school or system anymore. I am aware that it all depends mostly on myself - I can make this change!

My goal for the future? Being an inspiring educator and personal coach as well. I want to help people out with their Life Project  because I strongly believe that people can make a change and enthuse other people. A true leader has the ability to help people achieve their dreams. All they have to do is to start within themselves! Thanks for proposing this wonderful, powerful and motivating topic Vicky! I wish all the success in Switzwerland in your personal and professional life. I am really willing to exchange info with you on education… ;)

“The world is less certain and predictable now. When there's uncertainty, people raise spiritual issues.”

Ken Blanchard

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Module 5 "A Time for us" - Class 1

Hey the focus of this lesson is Past Simple
Watch this video by Jeniffer.

Keeping Your English Up

What is a collocation?

Click here to see a list of collocations.

Can you identify the verbs in the past in this song
Radio Ga Ga - Activity created by Bibi Baxter

I'd sit alone and watch your light;
My only friend through teenage nights
And everything I ...........(1-have) to know,
I ...........(2-hear) it on my radio.

You ...........(3-give) them all those old time stars,
Through wars of worlds -(which were) ...........(4-invade) by Mars;
You ...........(5-make) them laugh - you ...........(6-make) them cry
You ...........(7-make) us feel like we could fly.

So ...........(8-not become) some background noise,
A backdrop for the girls and boys,
Who just ...........(9-not know) or just ...........(10-not care)
And just ...........(11-complain) when you ...........(12-be) not there.
You ...........(13-have) your time, you ...........(14-have) the power;
You ...........(15-have) yet to have your finest hour

All we ...........(16-hear) ...........(17-be) Radio ga ga.
Radio goo goo.
Radio ga ga.
All we ...........(18-hear) ...........(19-be) Radio ga ga,
Radio blah blah.
Radio what ...........(20-be) new?
Radio, someone still ...........(21-love) you!

We ...........(22-watch) the shows; we ...........(23-watch) the stars
On videos for hour and hours.
We hardly ...........(24-need) to use our ears.
How music ...........(25-change) through the years.

Let's hope you never ...........(26-leave) old friend;
Like all good things on you we ...........(27-depend).
So stick around 'cos we might miss you,
When we ...........(28-grow) tired of all this visual.
You ...........(29-have) your time; you ...........(30-have) the power.
You ...........(31-have) yet to have your finest hour.

All we ...........(32-hear) ...........(33-be) Radio ga ga,
Radio goo goo,
Radio ga ga.
All we ...........(34-hear) ...........(35-be) Radio ga ga,
Radio goo goo,
Radio ga ga.
All we ...........(36-hear) ...........(37-be) Radio ga ga,
Radio blah blah.
Radio what...........(38-be) new?
Radio, someone still ...........(39-love) you!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

A "Thank you letter" to the Reform Symposium 2011 by Luiz Reikdal - Brazil

REFORM, according to the Oxford Dictionary: (…) change that is made to a social system, an organization, etc. in order to improve or correct it.

Yes! I felt “Elluminated” and the desire for a change! I noticed the sparkle of light in discussions, on chats, on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and the like. I watched beautiful and motivational videos on YouTube. I noted how well-prepared were the slides, carefully selected: beautiful and poetic pictures in the classroom.

Unfortunately I also experienced bad connection, echos, cuts in the broadcasting. I made mistakes and got nervous over the mike (LOL).

I felt the urge to make my Personal Web Presence (PWP) even more effective.

The fire in me was ignited…

These 3 days at the Reform Symposium e-Conference #RSCON3 were awesome: I heard from my peers around the world. It is amazing to share and learn and best of all for FREE. I was touched (cried in front of the screen a couple of times), I clapped to the presenters… so many passionate educators, so many inspiring presentations, so many ideas and concepts! I made new friends… yes, I may call them friends, why not?
Even though I did not meet them physically: (This is the list of workshops and courses I’ve attended) Moderators, Shelly Terrell, CliveSir, David Dodgson, Bruno Andrade, Steve Hargadon, Brad Patterson, Faisal Ibrahim, Kelly Tenkely, Paula White, Chuck Sandy, Pam Burnard, Terie Engelbrecht, Tom Whitby...

I felt like meeting them in person and looking them in the eyes and say how much I was blessed with their words and thoughts. Thank you... all of you!!!!!

I am a better educator because I've been teased, provoked and I do CARE!

I propose to start a change within ourselves: WE CAN, WE DECIDE, WE WANT and WE CHOOSE…

RSCON3 rocks! (I heard that expression a lot. Love it!)

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.” Napoleon Hill